Calm seas and plenty of them.

After a breezy trip on the previous outing we were happy to depart with a forecast for smooth seas and calm winds. Joined by return guests Mel and Janine, and Mel’s sister Gloria and her husband Bill we headed out with an excited crew. The water was like glass and the fish seemed to appreciateIMG_0245 IMG_0251
IMG_0235 the calm weather as well as we had some great dancing Coho hit our lines with regularity. The gals did a great job of out fishing the guys but the competition kept everyone sharp. The Halibut were on as well and we were all in awe of the the beautiful weather and great fishing. Humpback whales provided added entertainment with breaching and tail slaps all around us. The guys broke out their fly rods on a sunny afternoon and the 8 wt. rods were jumping as the Coho schooled around our boat. The last day provided the highlight as we had a double header with a 25 lb spring and a 25 lb Ling cod on the other line. Bonus!!!!

Thanks again Mel and Janine for the return business we hope that we can fit you in next year for some more spectacular July fishing,