Coronavirus/COVID-19 Safe Vacation and Destination

Your Thunder 1 Crew, Doug and Deb hope that all of you reading this are healthy and are taking the steps with their family and friends to remain that way. The COVID-19 virus is severely affecting the entire world and is especially hard on the tourism and travel industries. There are many vacation destinations that are not suitable, however a trip aboard the Thunder 1 is an excellent option that will let you enjoy your vacation in a beautiful safe environment.

For those of you that have chosen Thunder 1 Adventures for your vacation plans, and for those of you that are still considering, or are looking for an alternative, due to changing or cancelled plans, consider the following:

  • Thunder 1 Adventures operates out of Prince Rupert in Northern British Columbia, a small remote coastal community. At this time there are no cases of COVID-19.


  • No big groups or mixing with crowds of people you don’t know. We cater to small groups, 4 to 6, of your own friends and family. If you come healthy you will leave healthy. Consider it a four day quarantine aboard your personal yacht, with fantastic fishing, wildlife watching, wonderful scenery and excellent meals. The only lock down you might face is if you lose too many fish, your friends and family may make you sit in the penalty box for a while.


  • Don’t want to fly, Prince Rupert is served by a beautiful highway. Fire up the car and add a day or two, and make it a memorable road trip while you enjoy one of the most scenic drives in British Columbia. Not worried about flying, Prince Rupert is served by small modern turbo prop aircraft that hold a maximum of 70 people.


  • More than just fishing. Many of our guests come for the fantastic fishing, however the cruising and wildlife viewing in the pristine wilderness waters around Prince Rupert are equally as spectacular. We can put together a custom cruising and wildlife viewing trip, call us for special rates.


  • Thunder 1 Adventures offers a spectacular vacation unaffected by the Coronavirus. A wonderful family vacation, away from all the crowds, come and relax with us and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.