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Welcome back Danny and Koleton, how many times has it been 5 or 6, I can’t remember but we always look forward to having you back aboard. Accompanied by friends from the Waterton area of Alberta, father and son Gerry and Rob we left Rupert under a less than a sunny forecast. The great part about fishing this area is there is always a place to fish out of the weather and that is what we did cruising to the top of Dundas to avoid the forecast SE winds. With the island as our windbreak the fellas set about hooking up some awesome fish the next morning. No stranger to the gear Danny and Koleton worked the deck like old hands and soon had their friends looking like west coast fisherman as well. The wind blew the rain fell but spirits were high as the fish kept hitting the rods. Anchorages remained protected and calm at night and the wind finally subsided on the last day to give us a chance at the IMG_1995 IMG_2004 IMG_2014 IMG_2018. With time running out Deb told us to be patient that the hali’s would come and sure enough the last hour saw all the rods bouncing and the hali’s had arrived. With nothing but smooth sailing on the way in the memories of a little rain and wind faded away and we bade good bye to our friends, but not without signing Danny up for next year where the fish will be biting and the sun will be shining. Have a great summer guys and we look forward to seeing you next year.