Looking for the Big One

June 22 to June 25. We shoved off on trip 5 accompanied by two couples, Bruce and Linda, Al and Dawn. Dawn’s last outing left her less than enthusiastic and… Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary

June 16th to 19th. The last trips weather worries dissolved and we were joined by three couples celebrating their parents Marcel and Helene’s 50th wedding anniversary. We felt privileged to… Read more »

Mark and Company

June 11 th to 14th. Well mother nature decided that summer was not in the plans just yet and we struggled with gale force SE winds and a few other… Read more »

First Charter

June 01 at 3 pm, with longtime client Bill, his son Ryan and friends Paul and Doug W, we motored out of port and headed north for Dundas Island. Anticipation… Read more »

Welcome Home

With the first salmon aboard we awoke to a sunny day and we were eager to get into Rupert and finish the final preparations so that we could get our… Read more »

Bottleneck to Pitt Island

Solitude, the only way to describe the north coast in May. Calm again we pulled our traps and selected the nicest of two dozen Dungeness crabs for tonight’s dinner!! Planning… Read more »

Shoal Bay to Lagoon Cove

Beautiful morning as we slipped away from the dock at Shoal Bay at 5 am. Something about the early mornings on the coast that are really special. Tides were with… Read more »