Portland Canal

For the first time Thunder 1 Adventures offered a 6 day trip up the Portland Canal in search of an early season Chinook salmon run.  Joined by return guest and… Read more »

Northbound at last.

Although we enjoy our down time in the winter when the days start to get longer we long to be back on the north coast. This year brought some of… Read more »

Thunder 1 Refit

April always brings the pre season refit for the Thunder 1. This year saw us back at Cove Yachts where are friends Phil and Sandra, along with Gord and Katie… Read more »

How many fish can we keep?

Today we have another common question about our charters. It deals with the fishing component to our charters and it is “How many fish can we keep?”. This a common… Read more »

Are there showers on board?

We’ve been doing our best to answer common questions here on our blog. Many of them are regarding the live aboard component to our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters. This is… Read more »

Is it rough where we anchor?

At Thunder 1 Adventures we get asked a lot of questions when it comes to our live aboard fishing charters in Prince Rupert. This offers you a very unique experience because you… Read more »