Working with the Canadian Coat Guard

Early June saw us working with the Coast Guard in their continuing project to add and upgrade lights and aids to navigation on the north coast. Our crew of two included the Project Manager, Clinton and a representative from Stantec, Conner. A great professional group that saw us explore some territory to the south that the Thunder had not been before. Accompanied by good weather we visited 13 sites in an effort to improve or establish new or better aids for our marine traffic on the coast. Of course any trip on the Thunder involves a little fishing and while the guys worked diligently the Captain took the opportunity to try and hook up some dinner, with some great success I might add.

A great trip with great guys,IMG_0172 IMG_0195 IMG_1249 IMG_1266 KS9L1701 we hope to be able to continue our work with both parties in the future.