A date with the Ocean Star

Trip 16 saw us in a joint charter with our friends aboard the Ocean Star. A first for this venture it proved to be a great success opening the door for Corporate groups that would like to bring along 12 guests. With 8 aboard the Star, and 4 aboard the Thunder 1 it provided a great venue with two west coast heritage vessels and the best two chefs on the north coast. Going our separate ways during the day and rafting up together in the evening the Ocean star guides and fishing skiffs handled the majority of the salmon fishing while the Thunder 1 took on the halibut role. With great calm weather we journeyed off shore a bit and wow what halibut fishing we had. 3 hours was all it took to fill the fish box with enough halibut for all. Fast and furious is all you could say about it. No monsters but lots of hard fighting flat ones ranging up to thirty lbs. We would like to thank our guests from Huckleberry Mines, and our friends aboard the Ocean Star for making it a memorable trip. Let’s do it again next year!!!