A fish for your Birthday

Once again demonstrating that age is only a number, and not one to get in the way of fishing my Uncle Gerry and Aunt Betty joined us with their daughter Tricia and husband Dirk to celebrate Tricias Birthday. Notice how I did not mention a number Trish. Pretty cool birthday present as we poked out of the fog and onto the fishing grounds. Photographers as well. we had some pretty impressive equipment aboard to capture the events and I can’t wait to get some back when they have had time to sift through them. Each morning brought some pretty thick fog but each day brought some petty awesome fishing and with the rods jumping no one noticed the fog. The sun battled through and each day gave way to smooth seas and nice sunsets. The eagles and whales all graced us with visits and provided some cool photo ops. Maybe the best show was the eagle who dived into the water and swam his big salmon to shore as it was too big to fly with. A rare event to witness in the wild. Nice to see family aboard and great to catch them some fish as well. Safe travels to all we will catch up in Victoria this fall.