A lot of Firsts!

Always nice to have guests that have never fished on the ocean, never caught a salmon, never caught a halibut, never seen a whale in the wild. Well for our guests from Wainwright Alberta we provided a lot of firsts. For the crew of the Thunder 1 after 13 years there was also some firsts. Salmon fishing was great and the halibut also provided great action but the highlight for us was not catching the fish it was where we caught them. With some windy days that limited our fishing areas it did not slow down our guests in their pursuit. While the Captain put his feet up after a long day Rick and Janet grabbed the rods to try their hand at jigging while we swung on the hook. Never a spot to produce more than a flounder the hooting and hollering on the deck had the Captain grabbing his boots to see what was going on. Well another first as Rick hooked up not one, but two nice Spring salmon in the anchorage, 17, and 15 lbs. Well done Rick!! The weather smoothed out for our return to Rupert, Orcas, Humpbacks, Eagles, all put on a show for our guests, not to mention Rick and Janets first night on a water bed.