All the way from Bruderheim

You may not have heard of it but Kyle Tallas and his family are from Bruderheim  north of Edmonton and they joined us for a fantastic trip fishing on the Thunder 1. With parents Edith and Ron and brothers Kelvin and Lance we left town with a warm breeze on the nose. Never having fished for salmon or halibut, or prawns  or crabs for that matter it promised to be a trip of firsts for the Tallas family. All avid fisherman at home we wanted to show them what fear no fish really means. It was a fantastic trip, a little weather on day two only made the sun and calm waters of day three that much better. In all of our ten years we have not had a fishing like the one we had that day. Settling in on the halibut hole we dropped the hooks looking for the first bite. What happened in the next two hours should have been on film because no one would believe the action. With four rods in the water their were never less than four halibut on at a time, maybe no monsters but solid hard pulling chickens that swallowed the bait, bare hooks, jigs or whatever else we hung over the side faster than you can say holy halibut. Releasing many smaller ones the action was non stop. It was the salmon fishing that really made the morning crazy. The big schools of Coho swirled under the boat while we fished for hali’s. They swallowed circle hooks, hit the jigs and gave us the ride of a lifetime jumping and slashing around the boat. At times we had two Coho and two halibut on at the same time. The dust finally settled, 6 nice halibut, (25 released) 12 big Coho, and one Chinook, all while halibut fishing in one spot, Yahooooo!! Lance the youngest brother hooked the biggest halibut on a light jigging rod, and in his own words said “it’s really going to be  hard to go back to pickerel fishing after this” Amen!! Thanks Kyle for bringing your family, they were a highlight of our year. We hope you enjoy your fish, and that we see you back again soon.IMG_0475KS9L1274IMG_0465IMG_0453