April 17th, Northward Bound for Season 9 aboard the Thunder 1.

Sunny skies and smooth seas greeted us on our way north to Kitimat. With just Deb and I aboard this year we did not have much time to dawdle as we were scheduled out of Kitimat with a Forestry Company for survey work in the Douglas Channel. Day 4 saw us leave Allison Harbour and strike out across Cape Caution. Inspite of it’s reputation, long slow swells were all that greeted us and we were soon in the protected waters of Fitz Hugh Sound. With the open water behind us we had some time to enjoy the scenery and catch a few snapper and fresh crab. A refreshing dip at Bishop Bay Hotsprings and a chance to update our passage on the wall for the ninth year and then it was off to Kitimat.