Are there showers on board?

We’ve been doing our best to answer common questions here on our blog. Many of them are regarding the live aboard component to our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters. This is what makes our charters really unique. Instead of coming into a lodge each evening after the day is done, we set up anchor in a quiet location. This means you can enjoy fishing first thing in the morning as well as some fine cooking from Deb.

Today we have another question regarding accommodation and it is “Are there showers on board?” The answer is yes of course! Separate shower for the guests, lots of hot water for an evening or morning shower to get you feeling fresh in the morning or after a great day on the waters.

If you have any questions right now, they might have already been answered through our blog FAQ’s. if they haven’t been answered yet, please contact us and we’ll be sure to answer them.