Arriving in Style

Bringing out there own private jet was a great way to start your adventure aboard the Thunder 1. Welcome back Ted and thanks for bringing Bern, Bill and Wayne. With the fog burning off we set off under sunny skies in hopes of continuing the action we had on the previous trip. Fish on!! The action did not let up and it was difficult to put two rods in the water as a great mix of both hard fighting springs and Coho continued to hammer our bait as fast as we could get it in the water. With the knuckle busters spinning the group continued to hone their skills throughout the trip. The halibut fishing required a little more work and a variety of other fish kept the gear going up and down with great regularity. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was our encounter with a humpback whale that left us all breathless and a little humbled. I will post that encounter and some pictures in the following blog. Thanks fellas, safe flight home and hope to see  you again soon.