August 19 to 22nd Plan the work, work the plan !

Welcome back Doug and Phil and a new member of their team Lyle, a.k.a. ( Clyde ). Long time alumni of the Thunder it was great to have the group back aboard. Lyle brought some fresh enthusiasm as the designated representative of the West Kelowna Fire Department. Well boys, Lyle did you proud. Great weather again to start as we warmed up the rods with a few hits and a nice fish the first night. With Phil and Lyle on the prawn pull the next morning we had the little devils up in record time. Then it was off to find the Coho. Proving a little elusive we bagged a few that morning and then used the calm weather to head out to the halibut grounds. We found the hali’s but they were accompanied by more than a few turbot. Undaunted we let our arms rest for the night and headed out early for Coho. It didn’t take long, double , triple, double , double , double holy jumping Coho!! Big solid 10 to 12 lb fish as fast as we could get the gear down. Phil worked his 9 wt fly rod to perfection playing at least 5 nice fish and handing off a few to the team. Great work Phil!!. The last day saw us trying for one last good hali and it was the rookie Lyle that showed the boys how it was done. Hooking up a nice 40 lb scrapper he worked him to the top and into the box. No sweat for the fire department. Good work Lyle!!  Hope the long drive home to the Okanagan went well. Enjoy those fish on the barbie boys and we hope to see you back soon.