August 31st to Sept 3rd Gooood Stuff!!!!!

Our Sept long weekend guests have had a lock on that weekend for many years. Welcome back Jason his father Dave , Ryan and his Dad Keith. Always good humour we looked forward to catching up with our guests and catching on to some Coho. Sunny skies once again as we enjoyed one of the nicest summers we could remember. The Coho continued to give us great action as they increased in size and showed their true northern colors. Jason took advantage of a lunch bread to hook on to a 40 lb hali and set the bar for the rest of the gang. It all seemed to go too quickly once again but we were happy to show Keith what beautiful coast we have on his first trip with us. A pleasure to have father and son teams aboard we look forward to seeing them back next year. As Jason remarks each year when he steps in the door, “I’m Home”. Welcome home Jason.