August 4th to 7th Fish On! Fish On! Fish On!

Welcome back Norm and his wife Arlene, it’s been a couple of seasons too long but great to have you back aboard. Accompanied by Arlene’s brother Pat and son Justin we set out in sunny weather to find those fiery Coho. A nice cruise out followed by a little practise fishing put us in a good position for the morning bite. Fish On, and on and on. Whew what action we had as mix of Coho and pinks attacked out lures. Over , under jumping and twisting we fought and landed enough for one day. Topped off with a little hali fishing by the light house, a calm sunny anchorage and a great meal, life is good. The next two days followed suit and the nice weather continued allowing us to try a few spots we don’t usually get too. The result was some giant snappers and cod. We hope that you eat your fish every day so that we get to see you back sooner then later. All the best Norm and Arlene.