August Draws to a Close

Welcome back Ray and his new group, Dave, Daren, and Al. Some new faces to the salmon fishing we were hoping to show the gang some great action on the reels. A beautiful cruise up to Dundas and some awesome Humpback whale shows gave us a great start for the trip. Next morn

ing brought some challenging weather but the gang stuck it out on the rods and were rewarded with some nice Coho. Playing hide and seek from wind and rain once again mother nature relented on the last two days and we were free to pick our spots for halibut. What luck as the last morning we had an awesome bite with all the guests hooking up, well almost all as Daren did his best to weed out the dog fish so the other guest could land the hali’s. Nice job Daren, and way to go Ray for your 36 lber!!! Enjoy your halibut this winter.