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Just a short drive away

With some guests all the way from Texas, our next group came from our backyard just a short drive away in beautiful Smithers BC. Welcome first timers to the Thunder Harry, his wife Clara, daughter Melissa and her husband Jason. Harry has fished every corner of BC and was happy to bring his family out to try another experience on the west coast. Thanks Harry we hope we met your expectations as we certainly enjoyed having you aboard. Salmon fishing slowed a little but not enough to dampen any spirits as the weather and halibut fishing made up for it in spades. With calm waters we had a chance to go off shore for halibut and had a spectacular day on the water about as far as you can go on the west coast of BC. Everyone hooked up some nice ones and the whales and dolphins put on a show to entertain us. With great sunsets and the eagles providing the evening entertainment it was a great trip and we hope to see Harry and his family back again next year. Hope the Company 50  year celebration went well and the salmon on the cedar plank was a hit. Thanks againKS9L0138 KS9L0134 KS9L0102 KS9L0141 KS9L0056

All the way from the Lone Star State

Welcome Dan and Sandra, Doug and Dolores guests from Texas who did a whirl wind tour through Seattle, Victoria and Prince Rupert via the inside passage aboard the BC Ferry. Dan had been with us before with his brother Kerry but it was awesome for him to return with his wife and friends. Great weather albeit a bit cooler than the Texans are used to accompanied us to a great start with everyone landing a salmon the first evening. The morning saw a great pull of prawns and then we were off with the Coho , Pinks and Springs all giving us great action. Halibut did not disappoint either and with many released in search of the good one we enjoyed some sore arms and great fishing on calm waters. With sunsets to die for, good company and great fishing we were sad to see our guests leave. We hope they have many great memories and stories to tell their friends at home and some great fish fry’s on the grill. Hope to see you soon, maybe even this winter.

KS9L1352 KS9L1359 KS9L1382 KS9L1395

Arriving in Style

Welcome back Ron and Judy, and thanks for bringing your friends Randy and May. We have had people arrive to go fishing in many different ways but  you are the first to arrive on Honda Trikes.IMG_0535 With a mixed bag of weather we did not let that dampen our spirits and the fish didn’t seem to notice at all. Great salmon fishing once again broken only by frantic halibut fishing and a spectacular whale show on day 4. Leaving the best for last the sun shone the oceans went glassy smooth while the whales circled the boat the guests took pictures and caught fish all at the same time. The adventure has just begun for Ron and Judy as the plan to ride their trike all the way to the east coast and back after they left us. Wow what a trip. We wish them a great trip and hope the ride back to Edmonton with Randy and May is a good one. See you soon Ron!!IMG_0527IMG_0526IMG_0520

Fishing with Barrie

KS9L1204 KS9L1206P8112074No one is more ready to fish than Barrie! He has been with us many times, fished every area of the coast, caught just about everything you can catch on an 8 wt. fly rod and still every trip Barrie is ready to go. Accompanied by neighbor Bill, Lawyer Craig, and Bills  son Drew we set off for what is always a memorable trip fishing with Barrie. This one proved to be no exception, the weather posed a few challenges, as did the fish, but not in their scarcity but in their abundance. Once again this year we were greeted with a mix of hard fighting Chinook and Coho. Several sessions were so  hectic that no one had a clue who’s turn it was, how many they caught or how many they lost. Halibut fishing, according to Barrie was the craziest he had ever seen. Although reluctant to call uncle, his arms were showing signs of fatigue as he wrestled his umpteenth halibut to the surface. Double headers, triple headers, and quadruple headers, they had the captain hopping to release, rebait and regroup. The evenings brought out some great stories and a few cards but no one made it very late as the days activities dropped the anglers to there bunks, yes even Barrie.

Too much fun, all part of the day on the Thunder 1. See you next year Barrie, hope your ready to go.


Hide the Rods

Welcome to Gary, his wife Mary Ellen, Bernie and his wife Eileen. New to the Thunder but hardly new to the area it was great to have this group aboard to show them what fishing can be like aboard the Thunder 1. I can honestly say I have never seen two couples so crazy about fishing, from morning to night, jigging or trolling, rain or shine this gang was working the rods! Their efforts did not go unrewarded and perhaps the best summary is to take a snippet from their guest book comments:

Trip Highlights

1. 16 fish in two hours

2. Deb’s lox, the crisp, everything we ate!

3, Sunshine

4. Doug’s fish tails and bedtime stories

5. Mary’s herring dance ( you had to be there)

6. Bare hook Bernie

7. Gary the Galvanizer

8. Eileen’s incredible ability to lose fish

9. Catching Salmon on halibut bait

10. Stuff caught that wasn’t salmon

rat fish, rock cod, grey cod, skate, turbot, rock coral, shell, red Irish lord, sea cucumber, herring, dog fish, one shrimp.

You get the idea about this group. We had many a good laugh, and caught many a good fish. Looking forward to having you back again soon.

And for one final laugh check this out “Funny shit Fisherman Say

KS9L1193 KS9L1201


All the way from Bruderheim

You may not have heard of it but Kyle Tallas and his family are from Bruderheim  north of Edmonton and they joined us for a fantastic trip fishing on the Thunder 1. With parents Edith and Ron and brothers Kelvin and Lance we left town with a warm breeze on the nose. Never having fished for salmon or halibut, or prawns  or crabs for that matter it promised to be a trip of firsts for the Tallas family. All avid fisherman at home we wanted to show them what fear no fish really means. It was a fantastic trip, a little weather on day two only made the sun and calm waters of day three that much better. In all of our ten years we have not had a fishing like the one we had that day. Settling in on the halibut hole we dropped the hooks looking for the first bite. What happened in the next two hours should have been on film because no one would believe the action. With four rods in the water their were never less than four halibut on at a time, maybe no monsters but solid hard pulling chickens that swallowed the bait, bare hooks, jigs or whatever else we hung over the side faster than you can say holy halibut. Releasing many smaller ones the action was non stop. It was the salmon fishing that really made the morning crazy. The big schools of Coho swirled under the boat while we fished for hali’s. They swallowed circle hooks, hit the jigs and gave us the ride of a lifetime jumping and slashing around the boat. At times we had two Coho and two halibut on at the same time. The dust finally settled, 6 nice halibut, (25 released) 12 big Coho, and one Chinook, all while halibut fishing in one spot, Yahooooo!! Lance the youngest brother hooked the biggest halibut on a light jigging rod, and in his own words said “it’s really going to be  hard to go back to pickerel fishing after this” Amen!! Thanks Kyle for bringing your family, they were a highlight of our year. We hope you enjoy your fish, and that we see you back again soon.IMG_0475KS9L1274IMG_0465IMG_0453

Welcome Back Danny and Koleton

Returning for their third trip aboard the Thunder 1 the July long weekend has always been a coveted spot aboard the Thunder and we were happy to have the group back again. On their first trip I commented that it was a bit of a Circus but the gang improved with each fish. Now the rust falls off pretty fast and the guys were in good form right from the get go. The first fish in the boat was a 30 lb ling cod caught on the troll by Koleton and from that point on we enjoyed a fantastic trip. The Coho pounced on us with a vengeance and the Chinook salmon had to work hard just to find our bait. No complaints about that as the Coho reached 13 lbs and fought hard with some great aerial displays. Halibut again was solid with many fish caught and released in search of big one. Using circle hooks with no barbs it is easy to release the halibut with little or no damage to the fish and they will survive and grow to give our angles another chance some day down the road. Accompanied by Gary from Grand Prairie and friend Charlie (Cuck) from Los Angeles it was a memorable trip. Looking forward to seeing you next year on the July long weekend. Hope your harvest this fall is a bountiful one.KS9L1106KS9L1111KS9L1133KS9L1173

Fish On!!!

Joined by first time guest John, his friend George and grandsons Alex and Conner we set out under sunny skies again. While the rest of western Canada struggled with sweltering temperatures and raging forest fires, Prince Rupert enjoyed perfect temps and calm winds, no fires, perfect weather. All seasoned fisherman the gang was quick on the rods and the action was some of the best we have ever seen in the area. Barely able to get a downrigger in the fish were popping the clips and spinning the reels, great action and a beautiful mix of Springs and Coho. The halibut fishing did not disappoint and although we couldn’t find the big one Alex must have hooked up a dozen in search of  one. All arms were tired and the fisherman were all satisfied with a day well lived. Great work guys!!KS9L1051

Red Deer Gang

No offence Lorne, you weren’t really a gang, and not all from Red Deer but since you were the ringleader we will give you the title. Lorne had been many times before to Prince Rupert and he brought along Steve, Kurtis, Doug and Arnold. Some new guys some seasoned guys but all good guys. Once again the weather was great and the fishing was really cooking now. Nice springs in the 20’s all fighting hard and some great Coho in between. Busy enough that the gang soon forgot who was up to bat. The fishing was fantastic and the halibut did not disappoint either. With warm weather, and quiet anchorages it was a trip that will be hard to beat. We know you are working on the gang for next year Lorne and look forward to hearing from you soon.KS9L1014KS9L1012

From Utah to Prince George

Welcome Georgana , and thanks for finding us on the web all the way from Utah, along with Kent and Zed, and Brian from Prince George we left under sunny skies and calm seas. The fishing continued to warm up and this trip saw a nice mix of hard fighting springs and the first Coho of the year. A big hali that finally broke us off was a highlight but that didn’t stop us from putting some real nice flatties in the box. Great fishing, great weather, the summer was shaping up to be a hot one. KS9L1026 KS9L1036

All the Way from Shawinigan Quebec

Thanks to their son JP who is currently living in Revelstoke we were able to host him and his parents visiting from Quebec on a short but busy two day fishing trip. After striking out in Campbell River we were anxious to hook up some fish for our guests. Although our French was more than a little rusty the fishing rods were not and we quickly found some action on the halibut hole. Landing a dozen big grey cod we set out to find some Chinook. The two days went by too fast but we were happy that they could land some nice fish and get a glimpse of our beautiful coast. To Yvan and Lise thank you and we hope you had a safe drive home. Thanks JP for looking us up hope to host you and some of your friends again soon.KS9L1010 KS9L1017

Day Trip to Port Essington

Thanks Glenn for booking the Thunder to take your group to the historic town site of Port Essington Once a thriving cannery and supply station for the fishery on the Skeena and prior to that a first nations settlement of the Gitselasu people. Not much remains of the old site that was last inhabited in the 1950’s but the area has a rich history with many ethnic backgrounds who worked and lived in the boom days of fishing and mining at the mouth of the mighty Skeena River. Thanks again for your generous gifts of books “The Gitselasu: The People of Kitselas Canyon, and “Men of M’deek and Wars of M’deek, they make an excellent addition to our on board library. We hope to have you aboard again soon.


Is there cell phone coverage?

We get asked a lot of questions here at Thunder 1 Adventures about our fishing charters. One of which is “Is there cell phone coverage?” This is a great question. Especially in this day in age as you need to check emails or keep in touch with your family and friends.

There is limited cell phone coverage depending where we fish. We do have continuous coverage by radio with the coast guard should an emergency arise.

We hope this won’t be an issue if you are thinking of visiting Prince Rupert for a fishing charter, whale watching tour or just to get away. If you have any other questions, you can see some answers to common questions here or you can always contact us.

Portland Canal

For the first time Thunder 1 Adventures offered a 6 day trip up the Portland Canal in search of an early season Chinook salmon run. KS9L0472 KS9L0884KS9L0626 KS9L0628 KS9L0702-1 KS9L0939 Joined by return guest and friend Pete, his brother inlaw Yves, and another returning guest Pat we cruised out of Prince Rupert on May 29th for our 12 hour trek up the Canal. The Portland Canal is the 80 mile deep inlet that divides BC from Alaska. It is a deep fiord surround by towering snow capped peaks and cascading waterfalls that make the back drop unforgettable. Sunny warm and calm weather made the day go by quickly and we arrived at Swamp point to rendezvous with friends who had set out before us. Having a local guide from Stuart never hurts your chances to find the fish and with Ed’s help we set the rods for the morning troll. Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but their were some big smiles aboard as the first three salmon of the year weighed in at 25, 27 and 31 lbs. All putting up excellent fights and well played by our anglers it was a fantastic start to the year. With prawns as big as beer cans, crabs that jumped in our hoops, black bears on the beach, and Dall’s porpoises that provided some outstanding entertainment it is hard to describe how breathtaking this part of the world is. The days flew by and with a quick stop in Chatham sound on the way home to score some halibut it was over all too soon. Thanks to Pete, Yves and Pat for joining us on this Adventure we were thrilled to share it with you. Next year we will once again offer one trip up the Canal, don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime adventure.

Northbound at last.

Although we enjoy our down time in the winter when the days start to get longer we long to be back on the north coast. This year brought some of the nicest May weather on record and our trip north was as spectacular as it could be. Always trying new spots we picked a few anchorages we had not used and were once again rewarded with some spectacular scenery. Anxious to dust off the fishing rods our first drops of the jig put some nice ling cod in the boat, not to mention a 50 lb halibut caught from the skiff on a light rod, what a fight. Warm evenings, great sunsets and calm waters accompanied us throughout the 10 day trip north. Arriving Prince Rupert on May 22nd it felt good to be home for the summer!!KS9L0162KS9L0301KS9L0108KS9L0240

Thunder 1 Refit


IMG_0159April always brings the pre season refit for the Thunder 1. This year saw us back at Cove Yachts where are friends Phil and Sandra, along with Gord and Katie provide us with the craftsmanship and the facilities to keep the Thunder in tip top shape. Starting with the annual haul out and bottom paint and then into the boathouse where we completed a complete rebuild of the foreward cabin including new aluminum decks, overhaul of the anchor winch, new portlight windows and fresh fiberglass and paint. All wIMG_0232ent smoothly and we left on May 7th to begin our journey north for the 2015 fishing season.