Bottleneck to Pitt Island

Solitude, the only way to describe the north coast in May. Calm again we pulled our traps and selected the nicest of two dozen Dungeness crabs for tonight’s dinner!! Planning our departure to transit Heikish narrows with some help from the tide we made out way into Princess Royal Channel, the heart of the Great Bear Rain forest, and home of the Spirit Bear. We made our first stop at Swanson Bay, once a mill in the early 1990’s nothing remains but the old red brick chimney and some rotting pilings. What does remain is some great fishing on a slack tide and into the skiff we went where Deb quickly hooked into a monster Ling that had her grimacing for some help. He outsmarted us and fouled the line on the bottom but the next two hits provided us with Lings in the 20 lb range as well as a couple of fat rock fish. Looks like crab and fresh ling for dinner. Underway again we passed Butedale looking more dilapidated every year and rounded the corner towards Hartley Bay. We were greeted by two Humpbacks as we entered Wright Sound and set course for the outside of Pitt Island. Normally heading north by way of Grenville Channel the good weather forecast prompted us to go a new route and transit the outside of Pitt island.
We slipped into Tuwartz Bay, once again the only boat for miles. Dinner was fabulous, crab cocktails, and freshly grilled ling cod, Life is good!!