Bucket List

Joined by John from Prince George and his sister Thelma from Courtenay BC we set out to fulfill a bucket list request to catch John a big salmon on the North Coast of BC. My compliments to the guests for toughing out some of the windiest conditions we have experienced aboard the Thunder. Trying to hide from the wind proved a challenge and even with the island to protect us gusts over the hill hit 40 knots. Deb did a great job on the wheel and I did my best on the back deck to keep the flashers from getting caught in the trees. Obviously no one told the salmon it was windy as we hooked into a great run of big Spring Salmon. Reels were singing and John and Thelma were hanging onto the big fish and doing a great job of getting them to the boat. Yes the salmon won a few battles but we also landed some beauties with John landing a Tyee and earning the first Tyee pin of the season from the Thunder 1 Crew. The last day the sun came out, the seas calmed and we found where the halibut were hiding adding their limit of nice fish for the drive back to Prince George. Our thanks to both John and Thelma for joining us we hope your bucket list has a big check mark.IMG_0136 IMG_0142