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How Many People Can You Accommodate?

The Thunder 1 is able to accommodate up to 6 guests. This is a Transport Canada limitation placed on us in consideration of our safety equipment. We have two staterooms for our guests, bunk style accommodation with two bunks in one room and 4 bunks in another. We normally plan our charters around a group of 4. Our guests normally organise their own group, and if you have a group of 4 we do not add any other guests to your trip and you have the vessel to yourselves. We will occasionally try to accommodate a group of two and match them up with two other guests.

How Do We Get To Prince Rupert?

Air Canada provides three daily flights to Prince Rupert form Vancouver BC in the summer. There are no direct flights from Alberta at this time. The Prince Rupert Airport is great and flight service is very reliable.  Once you arrive your ticket includes a bus and a short ferry ride into town. The morning flight will have you in town around 12:30 pm. If you arrive the day of your charter we will be there to meet you. You can leave your gear with us and stretch your legs, have lunch, and board the vessel at 2:30 pm the same day. On our return day we will have you back in town before 3:00 pm which gives you time to have your fish packaged for the evening flight. If you are driving there is good paved highway from points east and south. The drive is very scenic and traffic is normally fairly light. Upon arrival there is good parking for your vehicle near our marina. Driving times are about 16 hours from Edmonton, and about 18 hours from Vancouver.

Is there cell phone coverage?

We get asked a lot of questions here at Thunder 1 Adventures about our fishing charters. One of which is “Is there cell phone coverage?” This is a great question. Especially in this day in age as you need to check emails or keep in touch with your family and friends.

There is limited cell phone coverage depending where we fish. We do have continuous coverage by radio with the coast guard should an emergency arise.

We hope this won’t be an issue if you are thinking of visiting Prince Rupert for a fishing charter, whale watching tour or just to get away. If you have any other questions, you can see some answers to common questions here or you can always contact us.

Thunder 1 Refit


IMG_0159April always brings the pre season refit for the Thunder 1. This year saw us back at Cove Yachts where are friends Phil and Sandra, along with Gord and Katie provide us with the craftsmanship and the facilities to keep the Thunder in tip top shape. Starting with the annual haul out and bottom paint and then into the boathouse where we completed a complete rebuild of the foreward cabin including new aluminum decks, overhaul of the anchor winch, new portlight windows and fresh fiberglass and paint. All wIMG_0232ent smoothly and we left on May 7th to begin our journey north for the 2015 fishing season.

How many fish can we keep?

Today we have another common question about our charters. It deals with the fishing component to our charters and it is “How many fish can we keep?”. This a common question because we know very well when going on a fishing charter, you want to eat some of the fish you catch.

The answer is that there are varying limits for both salmon and halibut. But in total you can bring home 8 salmon per person and two halibut per person. There are various other limits for cod and ground fish. Depending on the size of the salmon, 8 can be a very heathy number and provide you wish plenty of salmon dinners!

If you have any other questions regarding our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters, please contact us and we’ll happy to answer any questions. You can also see our answers to previous frequently asked questions.


How many rods do we fish at a time?

Over the last month we have been answering common questions we get asked about our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters. Many of the questions deal with the fishing component to our charters along with the unique liveaboard accommodations we provide on the Thunder 1. Today’s questions is about fishing and is “How many rods do we fish at a time?”.

This is a great question and the answer differs based on what fish we are catching. Salmon fishing we can troll three or four rods. Halibut fishing we can have each angler with a rod, so up to six.

We hope this gives you a better idea about our charters. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your question. You can also see if your question has been answered by reading our previous answers to frequently asked questions.


What kinds of salmon do we catch?

For the last month we’ve been answering some of the common and most frequently asked questions here on the blog. Today’s question is “What kinds of salmon do we catch?”. We get this question a lot because salmon fishing in Prince Rupert is very popular. Especially when it comes to our fishing charters.

All salmon species are present in the Prince Rupert area. The best sport fishing species are Chinook or Spring salmon and Coho. We target these primarily as they are the best fighters. We do get quite a few pink as well as the occasional sockeye and chum. Basically you name the kind of salmon, and we’ll most likely try and get you in an area where you can catch it.

If you have any more questions regarding our Prince Rupert fishing charters, please see all of our frequently asked questions. If your question hasn’t been answered, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

What is the best time of year to fish?

At Thunder 1 Adventures we get asked many questions when it comes to our fishing charters, whale watching and eco tours. Today’s question is “What is the best time of year to fish?”.  This is a great question and indeed something you want to know before booking a fishing charter in Prince Rupert.

The waters off Prince Rupert are on the migratory path of salmon that are returning to the rivers to spawn. There are hundreds of spawning rivers in the Prince Rupert area, the most famous are the Nass River  and the Skeena River. These mighty rivers and their tributaries are the spawning grounds of all species of salmon on the BC coast, Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum, and Pink Salmon. Chinook salmon returning to the Skeena are some of the largest in the world reaching over 70 lbs.

Our first runs of salmon begin in late May with the arrival of the Chinook, (Kings) as they head for the rivers. These returning fish continue through June and into late July. The Coho salmon arrive around the middle of June and peak early August with runs continuing into September. Halibut fishing is strong throughout the summer and into September. Much of your choice depends on the type of salmon you would like to catch. From late May through June and into July is definitely the time to hook a big Chinook. July through August is great action with the Coho feeding relentlessly before they make their journey to spawn. You may have to come back a couple of times to experience the different runs and we know you will enjoy each trip as much as the other.

Our trips book up early as we often have over 50% return guests. We recommend booking late fall and early spring for the coming season if you want to get a specific date.

Please contact us to find out when we have availability.

Is It Rough Where We Fish?

Many people get sea sick and we know how it can be a terrible experience being on a boat and not feeling well. This is why we get asked the question “Is it rough where we fish?” a lot. We can understand that you do not want to pay for a bad experience on the waters.

But you’ll be happy to hear that that answer is no, it is not rough where our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters take place. The waters of Chatham Sound where we fish are very protected. If the weather kicks up we can almost always find a calm place to fish as we have over 20 years experience fishing in and around Prince Rupert.

Be sure to check the rest of our answers to common questions including those on fishing and our accommodations.

Do we fish off the big boat or do we fish in little boats?

Lately we’ve been answering common questions on our blog. We’ve already answered a few of those questions in regards to our liveaboard accommodation. Starting today we’re going to answer common questions when it comes to the Prince Rupert Fishing Charter experience we provide.

Today’s question is “Do we fish off the big boat or do we fish in little boats?” This is a great question. The answer is all fishing is done off the big boat which is the MV Thunder 1. It’s a classic west coast fishing boat and it will only enhance your charter experience. We troll for salmon and anchor for halibut and cod. Lots of room to stretch out or even pop inside for a nap or a snack.