Chinook Conservation Measures for the North Coast

There has been lots of headlines of late regarding salmon fishing closures in various areas of the BC coast. I would like to take a minute to clear the air regarding some of the misleading information and how it impacts the areas fished by the Thunder 1. First of all the main headlines are mostly centered around the southern resident killer whales ( SRKW) and the need to protect their primary food source (Chinook Salmon). This is a concern as their population is dwindling however this is not related to the measures implemented on the North Coast as our Chinook are headed for the watersheds of the Nass and Skeena Rivers and not part of their foraging area. Our Chinook stocks have been decreasing and this has been known for many years by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). The unfortunate part in my view is that action should have been implemented several years back and those actions could have prevented the complete closures that we now face as recreational anglers.

Here is how the measures affect the areas fished by the Thunder 1.

Chinook salmon limits have been reduced from 2 a day and 4 in possession, to, 1 a day and 2 in possession effective June 1 to 15th.

On June 16th to July 9th we will not be able to keep a Chinook and any caught must be released.

On July 10th we will once again return to 1 a day and 2 in possession for Chinook and this will stay in place until the end of August.

Coho, Pinks, and Chum have not been affected. We will still be able to retain these species with limits of 4 a day and 8 in possession.

For our guests booked during the closure of Chinook there is some disappointment however the good part is Coho are usually present during this closure period and all our guests should be able to take home some wonderful north coast salmon. Our guests must realize they can still hook and fight the Chinook Salmon and we will take the best care to release these fish so that they survive. Catch and release an important part of angling that will hopefully return our Chinook to their former levels.

Halibut limits are still 1 per day and 2 in possession and we have had great success in catching some wonderful eating hali’s to take home. Don’t forget a trip aboard the Thunder 1 almost always involves some fresh dungeness crab and some mouth watering spotted prawns.

Please keep in mind a trip aboard the Thunder 1 has always been more than just the fishing. You get to board an iconic wood Whal trawler that is meticulously maintained and wonderfully appointed inside. You enjoy awesome scenery, fine food, wildlife encounters with whales and eagles and quiet anchorages in our northern wilderness. The fishing may vary from year to year but we will strive to make your experience positive and memorable. Come and join us for a once in a lifetime experience with Thunder 1 Adventures.