Chris Page and “Family”

Client, Friends, it all gets blurred sometimes but it was with great pleasure that we welcomed our friends and client Chris, his wife Shar, sons Ryan, Dave and daughters Elyse and Joanna. Truly a family affair as we left the Prince Rupert harbour under clear skies and smooth seas. No lack of enthusiasm in the Page boys as we set the lines for salmon fishing. That enthusiasm spread quickly to the whole family and soon rods were zinging and fish were jumping. It was a fabulous four days with an awesome family, only down side is the realisation how much we miss our own family during the busy charter season. Many laughs, many fish, a beauty Halibut double header by Dave and Ryan, some great teamwork by Elyse and Joanna and a time for Chris and Shar to just hang out with their kids, priceless! All too quick it was over, in our busy lives it is nice to get the opportunity to just slow down a bit and enjoy some fishing with the family, we enjoyed watching and sharing the Page family time. Safe travels, hope to see the whole family soon aboard the Thunder 1for some more awesome Prince Rupert Fishing Charter.