Colin Melanie Russ and Susan

New couples aboard the Thunder 1 we were happy to have a new group from the Edmonton Sports show join us for a fishing charter out of Prince Rupert. Starting out with sunny skies we left port and headed for the halibut hole. Lots of action but mostly the dreaded arrow tooth flounders. At least it got everyone’s

arms warmed up. A nice crab dinner and the prawn traps down we slept well excited about the next days prospects. A great early morning catch of prawns set the tone and we went off in search of the Chinook’s. A bit scratchy but one by one we found the fish. Taking a break on day two we had a rock fish jigging contest and the bin was soon full of rock fish for the grill. Trying some other hali spots we finally got them going and everyone boated a couple of nice flat ones. The last morning finished with a pair of nice Chinook on the flasher hoochie combo and all too soon it was time to head back in. Thanks to our new guests for joining us, enjoy your fish and we hope to see you aboard again one day soon.