Day 06, May 12th

06:40 and the anchor was up and we were away for Shearwater and then on to Ocean Falls. Once again the sun shone and we crossed Hakai Pass and into Fitz Hugh Channel. Out first wildlife encounter for the day was a little unexpected as we spotted a small buck swimming from the mouth of Hakai Pass to the Mainland. A long swim and we wondered if the wolves had chased him into the water. In any event as we passed in front of him he changed his mind and set a course for the nearest island. We hoped he didn’t get  a hungry reception on his return. Into Lama Passage and a stop for lunch at Shearwater. Everyone got to stretch their legs, some provisioning by the crew and we were on our way to Ocean Falls. Nice day to squeeze through Gun Boat Passage and into Cousins Inlet. Never know what to expect in Ocean Falls however things remain unchanged fro our last visit. The dock was in great shape and the town was it’s ghostly self. Hard to believe the it was the home of the rain people as the sun shone brightly on us. Everyone had a good walk and the crab traps were set.