Day 08, May 14th

We slip out of Work Bay under another sunny sky, feeling a little guilty as no work was done in Work Bay, only a nice relaxing evening with my Aunts, Uncle and their close friend Norma. Today takes us up the narrow reaches of the inside passage, first stop is visit to Swanson Bay. A short lived mill town at the turn of the century only some rotting pilings and a brick chimney poking through the trees gives hints of it’s existance. Some of the crew went to shore for some exploring and beach glass collecting while the Captain, Uncle Gerry and Aunt Pat went prowling the corner for some dinner. And dinner we hooked, 4 lings and a couple of rock fish, nice job. The last 10 lb ling almost became dinner for about a 50 lb ling who reluctantly let go at the boat, thank goodness. We finished the day with a visit from a humpback whale and then a relaxing soak in the hot springs at Bishop Bay. About as good as it gets!!