Day of the Dolphins

Day 5 and off to Ocean Falls for walk through the old Ghost town. A truly remarkable day as we passed Namu and were joined by 10 white side dolphins. It is not unusual for them to pay boats a visit and ride the bow wave for a while before dashing off in search of food or some other vessel to play with. This group however adopted the Thunder and for over 5 hours they rode the bow, fishing, playing , resting and putting on a wonderful show for guests and crew. Despite all my predictions about when they would leave us it wasn’t until I pulled the power back approaching the docks in Ocean Falls that they bid us adieu! We enjoyed their company and the escort they provided for the day. Way too cool!! Ocean Falls lived up to its name as home of the rain people but that did not deter our guests and Brenda and Gerald suited up and hiked the old townsite and up to the dam. Their reward for getting so wet was some excellent crabbing in the bay and a feed of fresh Dungeness for supper. Follow the link below to see the dolphins of Fitz Hugh Sound.