Finished, Not Quite

As much as we enjoy guiding our guests Deb and I do enjoy some fishing time to ourselves at the end of the year. With fly rods in hand so graciously built for us by our client and friend Larry we geared up the islander reels and set up for some fun for the crew. Wish we could have saved this weather for our guests as we enjoyed sunny hot clear skies and no wind. As usual Deb the halibut slayer could not be denied and even when we anchored in shallow water to enjoy the sunset she hooked up a beauty halibut who put on a wild fight. Some great double header action on the fly rods which is always a event when you have only two anglers. Even with the guides on the rods the fish still win a few but we got our share of action and relished the warm sun and calm seas. Sadly we put away the gear and made preparations to take our vessel south for the winter. A big project awaits us as we plan a new roof but first a little down time, visits with family and friends and reflections on another great season.