Fish Egg to Port Hardy via Cape Caution

0800 and the weather report was a go for crossing Queen Charlotte Sound. Light winds forecast but a good lump, 2.5 meter seas left over from the previous blow meant a sunny day but some good swells to contend with. Making our 15th crossing we have found our best routes to mitigate the roll and taking a long SW course after Cape Calvert we bobbed our way under sunny skies towards Cape Caution. At 1330 we passed the Cape and made a slight course change for Port Hardy. A good day the swell continued to fall throughout the day and we reached the calm waters of Port Hardy Harbour with nary a glass broken. Alongside the Quarter Deck marina for the night and a layover day the next day as the SE winds were forecast to kick up again. Nice to be back on the south coast!!

The next day proved windy but mostly sunny and warm. We took the time for provisioning, an oil change on the main and hooked up a new sounder on the bridge. Nice to be tied up for the day and catch up on a few loose ends. The following day looked good and we would shove off early for a trip down Johnstone Str.