Fishing with Barrie

KS9L1204 KS9L1206P8112074No one is more ready to fish than Barrie! He has been with us many times, fished every area of the coast, caught just about everything you can catch on an 8 wt. fly rod and still every trip Barrie is ready to go. Accompanied by neighbor Bill, Lawyer Craig, and Bills  son Drew we set off for what is always a memorable trip fishing with Barrie. This one proved to be no exception, the weather posed a few challenges, as did the fish, but not in their scarcity but in their abundance. Once again this year we were greeted with a mix of hard fighting Chinook and Coho. Several sessions were so  hectic that no one had a clue who’s turn it was, how many they caught or how many they lost. Halibut fishing, according to Barrie was the craziest he had ever seen. Although reluctant to call uncle, his arms were showing signs of fatigue as he wrestled his umpteenth halibut to the surface. Double headers, triple headers, and quadruple headers, they had the captain hopping to release, rebait and regroup. The evenings brought out some great stories and a few cards but no one made it very late as the days activities dropped the anglers to there bunks, yes even Barrie.

Too much fun, all part of the day on the Thunder 1. See you next year Barrie, hope your ready to go.