Go Riders Go

All the way from Saskatoon in the King Cab brought our next crew to Prince Rupert for a fishing Adventure. Lead by their fearless leader Jerry who was the veteran of many fishing trips out of Rivers Inlet we were anxious to show them what the north coast could offer. The first days of this fishing charter proved challenging as an unusual summer blow kept us away from the prime fishing areas. It did offer us the opportunities to fish some new ground and explore the sheltered waters of the mainland side. Having said that we did hook up a number of nice springs and on day three when the winds abated we were able to get on the fish. Halibut fishing was great with our favorite spots producing great action. Releasing many we finally had the ones we wanted and even got to the point where some of our anglers cried uncle and could not wind up another flattie. We will get them in shape for next year. The Chinooks

turned on as well the last morning and despite the slow start we headed for home with a great catch. Thanks guys, safe drive home and looking forward to seeing you next year.