Happy Canada Day!!!!

On board to help us celebrate Canada’s 146th birthday were Koleton, Danny, Mike and Peter. A family affair with an age spread of over 50 years this group from the Fairview area of Alberta had never landed a halibut or salmon. Hopes were high that they would be able to cross that one off their list. With nice weather in the forecast we set the lines and watched for the first strike. Zing off went the line in the first ten minutes, with all new hands on deck we looked like a three ring circus but after a scrappy fight we put a beautiful 20 lb.

Chinook in the boat. Well the guys kept improving and the fish kept coming, lots of them. Big ones, small ones, scrappy ones, flat ones , spiney ones, the action on this Canada Day long weekend was some of the best we have seen. The time flew by and we finished the trip with a halibut session that had all four rods bobbing and bending. An excellent finish and a great group to spend the weekend with. We look forward to having them back next year as they want to continue their adventures on the Thunder 1. We hope the sun shines on your crops and your grain harvest is as good as your salmon fishing.