Hide the Rods

Welcome to Gary, his wife Mary Ellen, Bernie and his wife Eileen. New to the Thunder but hardly new to the area it was great to have this group aboard to show them what fishing can be like aboard the Thunder 1. I can honestly say I have never seen two couples so crazy about fishing, from morning to night, jigging or trolling, rain or shine this gang was working the rods! Their efforts did not go unrewarded and perhaps the best summary is to take a snippet from their guest book comments:

Trip Highlights

1. 16 fish in two hours

2. Deb’s lox, the crisp, everything we ate!

3, Sunshine

4. Doug’s fish tails and bedtime stories

5. Mary’s herring dance ( you had to be there)

6. Bare hook Bernie

7. Gary the Galvanizer

8. Eileen’s incredible ability to lose fish

9. Catching Salmon on halibut bait

10. Stuff caught that wasn’t salmon

rat fish, rock cod, grey cod, skate, turbot, rock coral, shell, red Irish lord, sea cucumber, herring, dog fish, one shrimp.

You get the idea about this group. We had many a good laugh, and caught many a good fish. Looking forward to having you back again soon.

And for one final laugh check this out “Funny shit Fisherman Say

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