Holy Halibut Fishing!!

Joined once again by a group sponsored by Chris Page Associates we headed out still enjoying sunny weather and calm seas. Rob, Rick, Troy and Sean were eager to get the lines in the water and hook up some feisty north coast Coho. Didn’t take long once again as the Fish On! call rang out across the Thunders decks. Although some fog surrounded our mornings the sun would burn it’s way through later in the day. Perhaps the highlight of this trip was our halibut fishing. Sometimes a game of patience their was none required for this trip. No sooner did the lines hit the bottom that the tips started bending, double headers, triple headers, and yes at one point five at a time all taking line and bending rods. With only one fish per day their was a lot of selective angling going on and we released many fish to grow bigger for next year. Using circle hooks with their barbs crimped these fish are not harmed and easily released. Happy for just one session like this the next day proved to be the same and rods were jumping and singing at the halibut hole. No lunkers but nice solid fish had our anglers arms burning and a nice catch in the cooler. Thanks again Chris for sending these trips, I think that everyone enjoyed it

and look forward to having you and your Associates aboard next year.