Holy Halibut Fishing

fishing charter prince rupert

Joined by our son Mike and his friend Paul we set out for a short three day excursion from Prince Rupert in search of those early hard fighting Chinook and some feisty Halibut. Sunny skies and calm waters awaited us in Chatham sound as we excited the harbour and made our way to the Moffat islands. The first evening of this Prince Rupert Fishing Charter saw a some chicken halibut but no chinook.We anchored up for a feast of fresh crab and to feed our favorite Eagles. The next morning we pulled our traps to find a bucket of fresh prawns and then eagerly set our salmon gear in anticipation of the first strike. Bang off went the clip and Mike landed a beauty 20lb spring after a great fight. From that point on the day was busy with several that got away and three nice springs in the boat. Off for a little halibut fishing and what entertainment we had. After releasing a few chickens Paul hooked into a whopper and the fight was on. Up and back down several times until we finally got the beast within spear range. After determining it was indeed a keeper at just under 133cm we planted the spear. Away went the halibut and reaching the end of the poly rope there was a snap and she just kept going. Paul hung on for dear life as the fish bolted to the bottom. Half inch poly rope snapped like a string. Paul worked the fish back to the top and using a second spear we finally got it aboard. 70 lbs and the best fight in memory, nice job Paul! Little did we know that the best was yet to come. The final morning saw us land two more nice springs and then with room for a few more hali’s we made one more stop on the way home. All quiet until the Captains decided to check his bait. 20 feet from the surface the rod bent and the reel sang as a monster  hali followed the bait to the surface and took the hook just below the boat. As the line spooled out the first mate (Deb) also hooked up and her reel screamed as well. Double header both bending rods and spooling line, yahoo. After great fights the Captain landed a 70lber and Deb put a beauty 50 in the boat. Show not over yet as Paul hooked into a solid fish and off we went again. This time a 60 lber.  What a day!  Back to port and we sent Mike and Paul back to Alberta to spread the word. Great job guys, fun trip, can’t wait to get back out.