Holy Halibut

Finally getting the chance to catch up and blog about great finish to our season. August proved to be excellent again for some great Coho fishing and some even better halibut battles. Welcome Tom and Christine, Robert and Terry. New guests all the way from Ontario we welcomed our new guests and headed out with some sunny days in the forecast. No stranger to the fishing this group was on the gear right away and the fish were in for a fight. The Coho were thick and double headers were the word of the day. We still managed one nice 15 lb spring to add to the catch but the highlight had to be hooking up a monster halibut. When the rod stops dead and with your arms and back into it you only succeed in bending the rod and not moving the fish you know you have a good one. With the maximum size of 133 cm or about 70 lbs we knew this one was going to be well over. Hoping to get some pictures and then release her we worked the behemoth to the surface. When she finally appeared there was a collective gasp as the size of the fish glistening in the clear water was truly amazing. She lay quiet while we got some photos and then we released her know a big breeding female was back in the mix to ensure future halibut fishing. A great trip with some great highlights!!