How’s this for a Deal

A tough client when it comes to the bargaining table, Doug insisted that he would return this year as long as we could bring our daughter Kyla along to accompany his daughter Julia on our Prince Rupert Fishing Charter. Well after a tough milli second of debate we agreed. Friends from U Vic , Kyla and Julia joined Doug, and Julia’s boyfriend Jarrett, and Marc all the way from Yellowknife. Charmed by nice weather again this year we had to break out the sun screen  for this trip. Needed those sun glasses as well as the reflection from all those big smiles was hard to look at. Under smooth seas we fished our way toward Alaska picking up some great fighting halibut and salmon along the way. With a great weather we headed off shore for some halibut fishing and had a great couple of hours off shore to fill the halibut tub. As for the Coho fishing, unbelievable, double headers, triple headers, over, under up and down with some of the best aerial work of the year it was lots of fun. Wonderful to have a working visit with our daughter, and her wonderful friends it was memorable trip. And yes Doug you win, Kyla can come next year, can’t wait.