Ignatius Bokowski Inc.

We were joined by four members of Ignatius Bokowski Inc., Lower Amazon Dental &Veterinary School, c/o Pudwallop Brazil. No strangers to the West Coast these fellas have been fishing together for 30 years and  have tried every venue on the coast. We welcomed them aboard for some salmon fishing on the Thunder 1. We set off on smooth seas again to show them a fishing adventure aboard the Thunder 1. A great group with a great sense of humor the trip was full of laughs and fish. Outstanding Coho fishing again with a nice size Spring to round out the catch. The real highlight was the halibut fishing and day 2 saw us land a 68 lb beauty. Greg was smug in his hold on the big fish trophy but it was not to be. Kent hooked into a monster on day 3 and although bigger than we could keep it measured out at 64 inches, about 140 lbs. No beating that one! A good finish with some smaller halli’s and we sailed back with a full

load. Thanks for the hats guys, might be good on Halloween, and thanks for choosing us again in 2014 we look forward to the trip.