Inside Passage Northbound

Travelling with our frieKS9L0525nds Barry and Gail aboard their 65 ft Ocean Alexander “Miller Time II” we slipped through the mighty Seymour Narrows and started our 8 day cruise to Prince Rupert. With no guests aboard this year it was a nice time to relax after a busy refit month. Weather was outstanding and despite a few bumps crossing Cape Caution the trip was accompanied by smooth seas and sunny skies. Once again Deb out did us all by catching a 50 lb halibut while on the hook in Swanson Bay. While the rest of us bobbed around in the skiff trying to hook up supper Deb stayed aboard the Thunder with her usual rod outside the galley window. The radio call was urgent that she needed some help as she fought the fish with one hand and called us on the radio with the other. Scooting back I grabbed the spear and secured some fresh halibut for the crew, nice work Deb!!! Always ending too quick we motored into our usual spot at the Prince Rupert Yacht club and starting prepping for our first trip. First up this year was a group from Beijing China. IMG_1187 KS9L1660KS9L1656