Is there a Doctor in the house?

As a matter of fact there were three Doctors in the house, or on the boat that is. Welcome aboard to Laurence, his son Ethan, Paul and Conrad. A reunion of sorts as these three had attended medical school together and had not seen a lot of each other over the following years since their graduation. Our first trip out so always a little searching for those early salmon and halibut. Weather was amazing as we had sunny skies warm temperatures and flat seas. First night out a little salmon fishing proved to be an hour of action that was not quite expected. As the group got used to the gear the Spring salmon weren’t about to wait and the rods snapped off the clips one after another. Paul landed a nice 15 lber after a good fight and the rest of the  hits escaped to live and fight another day. That initial bite cooled a bit the following days but the action was more that compensated by some outstanding halibut fishing. Laurence had the lucky rod and his first halibut turned out to be a hard fighting 70 lb beauty. Right on the maximum size this fish sang the line off the reel several times and Ethan had to relieve his dad to land the brute. That wasn’t the end to the action as we landed three beauties around 30 lbs as well as some nice chickens to round out their catch. The wildlife was also amazing as we encountered a pod of 8 Orcas as they cruised close to our vessel as well as Humpback whales, Dolphins and some spectacular eagle watching. A great start to the season with some great guest. Glad that we could host your reunion and hope to have you back some day soon.