It just doesn’t get any better!

Launching into the second week of September we set course joined by new guests David and his wife Colleen. With salmon fishing on their bucket list we hoped that even if they checked it off they would put it back on for another time. Who would believe that the hottest day on the water would come on September 7th. Well believe it, what a smoker, sunny flat seas and warm temps add some outstanding salmon and halibut fishing and who could ask for anything more. Big Coho, 12 to 15 lbs kept Colleen and Dave busy as both rods jumped and zinged in the sunlight. Halibut fishing was great and Colleen needed help from Dave on several occasions as her arms started to give out fighting the flatties. The whales also put on a spectacular show in Work Channel just to add some icing to the cake. Great to have you aboard Dave and Colleen, enjoy your fish and looking forward to having you and your sons aboard next year. With a few days off before our next fishing charter Deb and I might just have to break out those 10 wt fly rods and hook up a few of those Coho for ourselves.