July 3rd to 7th with the Salmon Snatchers

Welcome back Jeff, Pete, Wayne and Gary. A group that has been with us from day one and literally owns the July long weekend slot. The weather was awesome, even off shore the sea settled to glassy smooth. Nothing could stop us now. We started day 1 with a great hall of prawns and then proceeded to the Brain to do some salmon trolling. With a couple of small Coho in the box we took advantage of the calm weather and headed off shore for some hali fishing. What day, the lines hit the bottom and the hali’s hit the lines. Great action with Pete latching on to a 100 lber that stripped his reel to the bottom two or three times. Nice job Pete!! The next day broke clear again and we jumped on the salmon fishing, or the salmon jumped on us. The action was non stop with some nice springs and some great fighting Coho. Wayne’s rotation proved lucky as he landed a 31lb spring, nice fish!!

With many laughs, great fishing and Deb cleaning up in cards the trip sadly had to end. You guys truly are the Salmon Snatchers, till next time safe travels and enjoy your fish.