July 9th to 12th TYEEE!!

Welcome aboard to our new guests and friends from Red Deer. Lee, Darcy, Pete and Bob. What summer weather we had! Quick on the gear the fellas jumped right in to help every turn of the way. Starting the morning with a bucket of fresh prawns we then set the salmon gear and eagerly watched for the strike. Zing!! of went the reel and Lee jumped on it displaying great form as it was clear that this was a big fish. Just how big became apparent when it it jumped in the air 5 ft from the boat. A collective gasp left the group as it hit the water running and tore off another 80yards of line. 35 minutes later after some awesome angling the big buck slid into the net exhausted, and I don’t mean Lee. 46 lb Spring, first salmon for lee, what a fight!! Hard to top that but we did our best and had some great action and great weather for the remainder of the trip. Some big snapper filled the bin and Bob wrestled with a good size yellow eye only to find his team had snookered him with the carcass of an earlier fish. You will get even next time Bob. Great trip, great guests, hope to see you in the future.