June 23rd Ron and Jen, Norm and Mike

Sad to think the days are getting shorter already however we won’t let that get in the way of our new guests on the Thunder looking for some adventure. Although they had been to Rupert in the past they were new to the Thunder and I think pleasantly surprised that they could fish in such comfort and enjoy such fine dining. I think they were a little dissapointed I didn’t make them pull prawn traps at midnight or fuel and supply the boat however I could change it up next time. For Jennifer we had the chance to put her on her first halibut and she was thrilled. Almost as thrilled as the second and third and fourth. ( releasing the small ones of course!) Way to go Jenn. Norm and Mike as a father and son team brought great enthusiasum and we hope that we will see them again in the future. Great fishing in Gold River Mike.