June 28th, Chris Page And Associates Join us Again

Dave, Paul, Brett, Rob and Dave P. joined us to see if they could tip the scales and beat the previous group from Chris Page in some friendly inter Company fishing competition. Didn’t take long for Brett to get them on the board and it was game on with a nice 18lb spring in the box. I think his grin which lasted for days said it all. The other fellas were anxious to contribute and the next day saw some frantic halibut fishing with 2 and 3 rods bending at a time. What fun that was. The last morning saw the reel scream as Paul beautifully played a 22lb spring to the boat. No problem for Paul as he had spent many days guiding for lakers in his past. Nice job Paul. Rob added another nice one and Dave P notched 3 beauties to put their group solidly in first place. It may not last though as the gals from the office are coming in September and although billed as whale watching and cooking I think we are going to see some awesome northern Coho fishing and they might just surprise everyone. Looking forward to it. Thanks for joining us fellas, drive safe and have a great summer!!