June 3rd, Darren , Frank and Jarred

Sunny and calm as we left on Trip 2 with some new west coast fishers aboard. The salmon would not elude us on this trip. A good start with lots of halibut action, grey cod and a mess of prawns in the the morning pots. The salmon action was quick to start and each of our guest had a ripper on their hands. We boated a beauty 20 lb spring but the other two managed to fight their way to freedom leaving some sore knuckles behind. We moved farther north and were follwed by some awesome weather. At the top of Dundas we were joined byt he orcas who brushed by us in search of their own salmon dinner. Spectacular animals! We rounded out the catch with a big ling cod and our guests had a good sampling of seafood for their freezer. Thanks guys have a great summer.