June18th, Welcome to the North Coast

Our group was eager to get going as all five had not fished on the coast before. The weather was awesome and the seas flat as we headed out in search of the fish. With the lines in and the guys getting a handle on the gear off went the rod and Chris jumped on a beautiful 18 lb spring in the first 10 minutes, what a start. That got the guys stoked and although we had to work hard for our fish after that all the guys managed a chance to feel the excitement. Hali fishing was busy with no giants except for the 50 lb skate that had us all pumped up. We let her go but the guys thought that was quite a thrill. Eagles, whales, sea lions, everything showed up to put on a show for our guys. For Dwight, Chris, Randy, Claude and Rainer we hope this first exposure to our beautiful coast would not be their last, cheers guys, have a great summer and drive safe!