Keeping Prince Rupert Safe

Hello to all!

First of all we would like to apologize to anyone who misread our post concerning our charter business and the Covid 19 outbreak. Prior to the province wide lock down, in the early stages where we all hoped it would not get to serious we posted a blog that indicated Prince Rupert would be a safe place to come for vacation. We all know times have changed. We have been operators in the area for over 15 years and no one appreciates or understands the challenges that would face a small town if the current pandemic were to take hold. We as operators have followed the social distancing guidelines to the nth degree and have encouraged all others around us to do the same. We are obviously not open for business at this time, but like the rest of the country are hoping to return to business as usual when it is safe to do so. When will that happen, we don’t know nor does anyone else but what is certain is that the coming two months will tell the tale as to how fast our lives will return to normal. To all of our guests and to all of our friends in Prince Rupert we ask you to stay healthy, follow the guidelines and lets all get back on our feet as soon as we can.

Doug and Deb

Thunder 1 Adventures.