Larry, Barrie, Kerry and Terry

Larry his wife Vicky

, Murray and his wife Noranda joined us for a first experience aboard the Thunder 1. They are the first in a long line of Guests whose names rhyme, hope I don’t mix them up. As the rain stopped and the skies cleared we set course for the Moffats and a chance to wet some lines. Using 10 wt fly rods Larry builds himself and some islander reels it looked like this trip was going to be a lot of fun for the anglers. It did not dissapoint as one after another the Coho and S

prings jumped, ran, porpoised and bent the fly rods in all directions. Big Coho, and some nice springs were plentiful as well as a crazy hali session that saw some good tuggers and even a Coho smack the cut plug dangling off the back. Perhaps the best fish of the trip was played and landed by Noranda on her first salmon trip. A 25 lb spring that took 45 minutes to tire out and was played beautifully by Noranda from start to finish. Bravo!!! We hope to see you again soon with those beautiful rods and reels in hand.