Last chance for a little Crew Fishing

With our first fishing crew due in three days Deb and I decided to do a little scouting before our season began in earnest. We headed out under calm seas to find where those Chinook were hiding. First stop a little hali fishing. No surprise here as the Queen of halibut jigging hooked up a scrappy 40 lber while the Captain had to settle for a 20. Not too shabby for our first stop. After a quiet night on the hook we set the lines the next morning to see if we could find some Chinook. 10 minutes on the tack and Fish ON! cried Deb. I cleared the gear while Deb played a nice fish.  21 lbs, nicely done Deb! Back in the water and 10 minutes later it was the Captains turn. Feeling a little pressure after watching Deb expertly play her fish I was rewarded with a nice shiny 20lb spring. Looks like the fish are here and after losing a nice one at the boat we cruised back to Rupert, excited about hooking our guests into some beauties like these.